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He likes someone else ...


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Meeh .. I don't think anything can fix this. So I like this guy, i like him alot, more than i have ever liked anyone, and I don't easily fall for a guy. He is so sweet and smart and gentle and funny, totally fall-in-love-withable. We have been friends for almost a year. Long story short, he likes someone else. She's awesome and even i like her lol. why does this kinda sting in the heart? lol i know this is gonna pass and I'll get over it. But right now it hurts. and am sad.

I want to stop feeling all jealous and just wish them luck. I don't know how to explain this feeling, but it's kina sour. you know, heartache. not a heartbreak, just plain weird heartache. How ironic tho, the only guy I actually liked is falling for one of our friends.

She is so beautiful and smart and stylish. I love her so much and am not surprised he likes her lol.


Recently i have been losing my self esteem. I was so confident earlier this year but i don't know what's going on. Am feeling all mediocre and boring and average. Am not nor have I ever been special at anything. Not beautiful nor smart or talented or an achiever at anything. This is kinda hitting hard lately after I found out he likes her cuz I keep comparing myself to her. Not the healthiest thing to do but yeah, it just happens subconciously.


You guys I know this is all and that i shouldn't compare myself to anyone else and that some day a guy will.come and love the mess I am. But for now, at this very moment, it hurts deeply. Man I really liked this one

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Sorry that things did not turn out the way you wanted. It does suck. However, the fact that you don't fall in love easily may be leading you to overidealization of the people you do fall in love with. Yet, given the way things unfolded he was not right for you to begin with. It sounds like you are letting insecurities get the best of you. The negative voices in your mind are just that NOT the reality.

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