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Im in a Weird Situation, Help!


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So about a few weeks ago i met this girl, things were a little slow but they were going pretty well. Im in university, we would hang and hook up almost once a week on the weekends usually she would text me it went pretty well. Two weeks went by she joked about going on a double date with one of my friends who was seeing her friend. I asked her seriiously about it and she said "she was hesistant because she just got out of a 3 year relationship". I said that was totally fine, that I too was nervous because I havent been in a serious relationship for awhile so im not looking for anything serious. So we continued hanging out on the weekends, we would text and talk often, she would sometime come over and have sex, but also sometimes she would come over sleep and we wouldnt do anything but cuddle and chill. After a few weekends it was my 21st birthday and she spent the night with me and my friends going out to bars having fun etc, that night she slept over in one of my shirts. She still has it btw. Another week went by, at this point it was about 6-7 weeks and there was a point i hadnt seen her all, I mentioned we should hangout that weekend she gave me a flaky response and said we should hangout during the week and watch a movie. I said okay sounds good, right before we were going to hangout she said she was tired and had alot of homework. I said that was okay, but then one of my buddies went out that night adn saw her at a bar drinking with all of her friends. I texted her and called her out on it, I was a little mad and dissapointed and said "I feel like you are avoiding me sometimes, im not looking for anything serious, but i dont wanna waste my time." To be honest I lied because i really do care for this girl now I am looking for something serious with her. She then said "shes not avoiding me, but she's nervous about hanging out on weeknights because shes afriad of getting attached" she also expressed she was kind of hurt that I said "wasting my time". I apologized for what i said and said that I was also afriad of getting attached and that I really enjoyed hanging out with her also, so we could just hangout on the weekends. That weekend came I hit her up to hangout she ghosted my text but showed up at my house where her friends were ranting out her ex being an downtown. I listened to her and offered to walk her home when she wanted to leave but she seemed pretty annoyed so I just let her go home.


As of right now we have still been talking and texting every now and then, but we havent hungout in three weeks. I asked one of her friends about it a few days ago she said "she likes you but shes hot and cold sometimes stop letting it get to you". One of my friends who is dating her friends asked her friend about the situation and she would dance around the question and not give a straight answer. I am not sure what to do at this point, I feel like i lied to her because I do want something more, but I feel like if i say that i could scare her away because she just got out of a relationship.


what do i do?

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