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Messy situation. Help needed.


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Hi All,


First post but i just need to get my feelings out somewhere.


My love has left me. We were 15 when we got together and now we are 22.we have lived together for 3 years. She is my absolute everything and always will be.


She was so sure a few months ago that we would get married, but i recently found out she cheated emotionally. Totally devastating but i knew i could forgive her if she devoted herself to me. She couldnt and here i am. Thats cutting a very long story short. I feel as though i have changed and i know exactly who i want to be to make eachother happy. Her hearts just not in it anymore.


She says shell always love me and will miss me. She is all I have. My 'friends' are only really acquaintances and shes the only person i truly talked to. We shared everything together. I have never felt so empty and alone.

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So sorry to hear that! Yeah, we have all been there at some point. Usually it is the "friend" and you find out there was something more...


Anyways, just be thankful you were not married with children and had a mortgage....You would pretty much kiss all those goodbye....That is why it is super important to make sure you got a nice loyal girl that knows when not to cross boundaries and have "friends" they are infatuated with (you would be surprised how common that is it blows my mind)


Just think how amazing it will be once you find that loyal amazing girl that will knock your socks off....


Just maybe do stuff to keep ya busy, like hit up the gym, call up some buddies (or acquaintances...I'm sure they'd like to hear from ya) to go for a few beers, start focusing on your school or career, or try something new... I personally found the best way to get over someone is to continue with your life....once you find someone who is more attractive and better quality, you won't regret it...

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