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Does she like me or not?


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There is a girl who I have been crushing on for a while now has recently become better friends with me (knew eachother as friends of mutual friends) and we hang out at college within a group and I have been tossing up whether she likes me or not. She often messages me first but only in evenings and takes a long time to respond before reaching around 10pm where she doesnt read any messages until the following day at 6 or 7 before she messages again. I can't get my head round why you would message somebody first to then reply - even when I am taking only 3/4 minutes to reply questions. Furthermore I don't feel the conversations are boring with both of us joking a lot and she asks questions to keep it going when the topic becomes stale. Recently we went to a party and she seemed to be dancing around me for much of it, but also around other boys so I can't work out if she is playing hard to get with me or even with another one of the boys. We had a casual agreement to go for a walk but I can't solidify those plans if she hasn't seen a previous message and I dont want to seem obsessed by messaging after she hasn't read previous messages.

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Girls usually don't just fall for guys right away without having a chance to get to know them a bit...I'd say there is potential so it is up for you to take it to the next level and play your cards right


Next time she messages you ask her when she is free to get together....take her out for some wine etc and just get to know her about more and show her a good time and keep her smiling and laughing...that is all you have to do

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.....I mean....either ask her for a date and be clear about what you are asking.......... or .....keep playing silly mind games of she likes me she likes me not....up to you really......


There is no real way to know someone is into you or not, unless you ask them out on a date.


Golden words.

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