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first love need help getting over her


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I dated a Girl for 2 years. She's a senior in High school now and Im a freshman in college. We broke up about a week ago because she said she didn't feel the same way about me but she still loves me and wants to be a part of my life. She seemed relieved while I was breaking down but I could tell, when I told her I was stopping communication, it was killing her. She had been talking to this guy ever since I left and now she's in a relationship with him that is close to the same thing ours was. After we broke up I saw her with this guy twice. I feel betrayed because I was heartbroken and she was flirting and hanging out with another guy and her friends. I haven't spoken to her in two and a half weeks. I know I don't love her anymore and we wouldn't work out at this time but I feel like she's already over me. I just want to know your opinion on this.

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No contact, the best advice often used on ENA. Also she's an ex, you owe her nothing but politeness.


It's natural to be jealous/upset/etc when you run into a recent ex. The thing that will help the most for you long term is time distance and perspective, sucks now but later you'll probably not remember much of those moments. One parting thought, you both are in very different stages of life now and need room to grow into who you will be.


Good luck!

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