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So my boyfriend asked for a break two weeks ago. This Saturday he said morning to me face to face since we work at the same area. Then today Sunday I saw him and said good morning to him and he said how are you and I said good how are you to break the ice. Since we were avoiding each other since he said he wanted a break. We talked a little on the phone for delivery issues and stuff and that's all. My coworker said he was looking at me at what I was doing when I didn't look at him. Soo idk what to do do I just be friendly co worker and talk only about the job and nothing else. Do I txt him or I don't since he said we can be friends? His birthday and my birthday are coming up next month but his is first so idk if I do the no contact rule for 30 days on phone and then say happy birthday and that's all or don't say anything at all???

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