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Hard Decision


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This boy had asked me out during school time, I told him I don’t know in front of everyone. Before all this happened I kind of had feelings for him... I asked my friends to hook me up with him at first because I liked him. After he asked me out at school and I had said that I don’t know, he told me to never talk to him again and he felt embarrased, and now my closest friend is texting me saying it’s my fault... I don’t know what to do. In addition, I have been best friends with him for about 5 years so it’s even harder. I now feel like I see him only as a friend. #difficult #harddecision #relationship

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Why play mind games like that? You said you did like him and to have your friend hook him up with you, so he asks you out and you change your mind?

That's not fair to him and it's probably a good idea to leave him alone and stop messing with his feelings. Let him meet another girl who won't be confused to how she feels about him.

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