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Our First Fight


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My boyfriend and I had our first fight last night. I say fight loosely because there wasnt any jollering and screaming but I had a big issue I needed to bring up to him and it really upset him that I had an issue with it


I made the topic about me and I didnt put him down and I was nice and calm. We cooked supper and I stated that he was mad at me. He said yes and that he could have been an and told me "tough youll just have to live with it". But he said he wanted to work with me. But he couldnt even look at me which really upset me.


I went up stairs to our bedroom and cried a little and he came up after a little bit and saod that he would do anything to make our relationship work.


Later in the evening somehow the it got broughten up about that he have been a jerk during the fight. And I told him I would have left. That I wouldnt put up with him if he didnt at least consider my feelings and if he just tossed how I felt aside I would leave completely.


This morning was still filled with that after fight tension. And Im filled with "this is it we are over" feelings. Do we just need a little time to gwt over the after taste? What can I do besides just act like the fight never happened?

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