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Update of bf stalking ex


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So, I have already stated that my bf stalked his ex throughout the relationship. and he made a fake Facebook and added her. I found out and take over that Facebook and email he use account that is a yahoo. SOOOOOO his friend sent a friend request on my bf Facebook because he wanted to know the girl, but my boyfriend never blocked it back......well 3 month later that will be now........ I found out that she actually inbox him at that moment when the friend request was sent.....



Ex- why did you add me all of a sudden ?

My bf- it was by mistake and it was my friend because we was talking about.

ex- what was you talking about ?

My bf- nothing my and my girl had a issue about you but we handled it.

.......Don't remember the rest butt......next morning happen remind you he still haven't blocked her....


Ex- Good Morning

my bf- what do you want ?

ex- I just wanted to say I miss you and I still want to be with you etc......

my bf - you don't need to miss me or anything.. I'm already with someone and I want to marry her and have her kids... I don't want you....


and don't remember the rest because we started to argue, but my concern is why didn't he block her from the beginning & why he telling our business and specially is dealing with her......? He is sooo confusssinnggggg




This is a summary of my last about my relationship with this guy


Hello, I'm struggling. My boyfriend and I been together for 3year ..... My boyfriend just confessed that he was sexually attracted to his ex girlfriend that he supposed loved ........but when we closely completed one year together and he was half way in already finishing school in college, I found out she was in his same class for 2 hours.... after this I started to notice he would stalk her on social media and I asked him to stop but stop but continued to do it hidden.... also I notice he would try to catch her attention or would stare and try to not make it award when being around me....and after 3yrs. I found out he made a fake social media and sent a request......when I confronted him about it ... ....he said it was to show his friend over text because he had her block and didn't want to unblock her. but I truly think he is lying and if he was not lying , he shouldn't have done it anyways. knowing how awful I feel when he mentions or stalks her......... and now I'm here asking for advise.......and she broke up with him....... What do you guys think about this situation.... I feel like if I continue I will regret it. but I truly love him and I know he has love for me and shows it very well but does those thing and .....its confusing..... im already don't feel like having sex at times. but I do still love and care for this guy....but its very annoying

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