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I'm so confused... should I try to get him back or move on?


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I had a short but very intense distance relationship of 4 months. We met 4 times during this period and we were in love since the very beginning. He was the one who started saying he wanted me to move in with him, that he had never felt like this before etc etc. He took me to Hawaii and it was pure magic. Then I went to visit him in his city, perfect again... then he came to visit me and it was all great. He was in the middle of his divorce and having a hard time with his ex trying to get all the money she can.. many times he got upset and frustrated for that... and then he started having second thoughts, saying he didn't know when and how his divorce was going to end and that he could not offer me any commitment and blablabla... I tried to reason whit him but the most I tried, the most he shut off. I blocked him on whatsapp (I am the only person he has on his whatsapp, he installed it because I asked) and I stayed 1 week without talking to him. Then I unblocked him and he told me he was very depressed and missing me so much but still he was in the middle of his divorce and I was 2000 miles away. He also said he started fearing the future and he was not ready to get into another relationship (how the heck someone changes his mind like that? When we were in Hawaii he said he wanted to marry me - okay he was drunk but still I think he was feeling that). I blocked him again and after another week I unblocked him because I needed to understand what was going on... nothing new, we talked a little bit and he said he was thinking and missing me a lot... that night he drunk and in the middle of the night he sent me our songs and said I will always love you. He also said he wanted to come to see me. Next day I talked to him about he coming to see me and his answer was vague and when I asked him about what he meant when he said he was always going to love me he said "I will always love you but it doesn't mean we have to stay together. I got very hurt and I stayed 1 month and half without talking to him... I didn't block him but neither of us texted to each other during that period.. but I could see that he was checking the wathsapp very frequently. Then I started talking to him again, nothing personal but the conversation was friendly and I told him I was going to see Coldplay concert the next day. I ended the conversation. Two days later he sent me a message asking about the concert. We chatted a little and as he was not home, I told him we could chat more when he got home and asked him to let me know... he didn't get in touch. Three days later I sent another message asking about something and we had a great conversation, very friendly and funny... we laughed a lot. Then he didn't get in touch anymore and never checked his whatsapp for 1 week! Then on the 7th day he sent me a message asking about the hurricane... I responded 2 hours later saying I was scared and had to move out... 5 hours later he said are you on de 2nd floor? 5 hours later I responded No, ground floor. and then in the next day, almost 24 hour he said "I'll be thinking good thoughts for you"... for me it was clear he was not interested and just tried to be nice. So I read his message, didn't respond and blocked him again... It's been almost 2 week and what's making me confused is that I can see his last seen status and he's been checking his whatsapp every day, sometimes twice a day since i blocked him... is he playing with me or what?

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He likes you but has way too much happening with his divorce.

He needs to sort his life out & then start to rebuild it.

He shouldnt have starting dating so soon.

Im sorry but I would move on if I was you!


Thanks for your opinion... that's what I think too and what makes it so hard to move on. It's easier to move on when you know your partner doesn't care for you anymore.

Anyways, I won't get in touch anymore... time heals everything.

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