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High school


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So I'm in high school and theirs this girl I like, I've known her since grade 1 but I only really started talking to her last year when I started high school, she was in my gym class so we had plenty of chances to talk, she was the first to talk to me so that lead me to believe she had some sort of interest in me but I'm not entirely sure, she also had a boyfriend at this time but they broke up since, and now this year she's single but I'm not in any of her classes this year so I have no way to talk to her, we seen each other in the halls a couple times when it was time to go to a different class but the halls are always crowded at this time so we only have time to say hi to each other, I've thought about asking her if she wants to hang out some time outside of school and I would do this at lunch but she hangs out with a bunch of her friends then and I guess that would put some pressure on her if I asked her then and there, also in school people would consider her "popular" and I'm that one kid who's really quiet all the time and only has a few friends


I'm not sure what to do, any kind of advice is welcome, sorry if I wrote to much I just figured it would be better to have to much info rather then not enough.

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