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Ex being nice/friendly


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I had to contact my ex yesterday regarding my personal items left in his house.

We broke up almost three months ago and I have been out of the country since then, so I asked him if it's ok to safe keep my stuff before I move back.


His response was "anything you need, as always."


In the beginning, I was relieved knowing that he didn't mind taking care of my stuff. But I happened to have a very rough day at work after that. I was so frustrated that I almost had a breakdown on my way home. I instinctively thought about calling him, but then realized that we are already broken up. His kind response surfaced again and it somehow made me terribly sad. Why did he even say "as always"? Everything is never the same again. At the moment, that response was so fake and insincere to me. I guess I just don't believe being friends is possible after breakup.

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