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I need to take this job but it terrifies me!!!

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Okay so I am 16 and I have had 3 jobs so far but two of them were in the middle of nowhere and therefore not very stressful. I plan to go on a China trip with my school next year because I want travel. That is my dream. The job I had prior to this ended in tears and just, a lot of pain but I really need to get out there if I want to follow my dreams.

Taking this in stride I decided to look out for some jobs and I have been offered one but I am terrified! I did a barista course but I have not been making coffees for too long and the whole idea of a new environment really sort of terrifies me. How do I overcome this and ease the nerves that are eating away at me!

I know I need to be strong so I can save and I know it isn't the biggest of deals but right now the idea of starting at a foreign place with people I don't know scares me. Not to mention I live in the middle of nowhere so I will have to adapt to catching the taxi everyday which also terrifies me.

I am really scared I am going to drop out of this due to silly old fear... I don't want to at all!

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Most of life is on the other side of fear, and in many ways, fear is logical. Overcome it by teaching yourself some new logic.


1. Affirm your commitment: you have to work, there is no getting around that. so it's time to learn how.

2. Break it down into steps.

3. Are you a better employee now, as compared to at you prior jobs? Give yourself some examples..

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Just know that everyone who starts a new job is nervous. It's normal. An employer expects that you will be new and that you will have to be trained. Put it in perspective, that each day will get easier and easier. Same for the taxi ride. The first time you won't know what to expect, but after that first ride, you'll be an expert. Good luck!

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