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My coworker

Xavier Andrews

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So my job hired a new intern in the last week or so ago. We've only talked maybe 3 times out of 2 attempts. I felt like she's been flirty a little if she isn't around the other company executives. Anywho we were closing she told me she thought about going out this weekend I told her I also Ubered she wanted my number. So we exchanged numbers and left it at that, due to keeping in professional on the job. 3 days later she text me back stating she was down to go out and get drinks she wants to be friends as we are both getting our careers started within the company. So since she first said she's fine with friends and now saying she doesn't want to rush anything, would us hanging out be a date should I continue to speak to her or should I leave it alone. I'm aware of not dating where you work already. Just ignoring that aspect what do you ladies and guys think

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