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Please help me! Am I being ignored. I'm hurting so much


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The first time I tried to end our friendship he refused to let me walk away. I told him I was falling for him and he reciprocated my feelings, and despite the fact that we can't be together he said he wants to remain good friends because I mean a lot to him. We were quite close as friends, we got along great, openly discussed our past relationships and contacted each other daily about all sorts of topics. Things were fine until he started dating again, and called me afterwards to tell me about it. At that point I told him I don't think we can be friends anymore. I was getting jealous of girls he showed interest in and the friendship was becoming intense. It was hard, but I told him we have to call it quits with the intention of no contact. I removed him on all my platforms of social media. I felt terrible for abandoning him like that and tried to explain my actions in numerous emails. He said he was speechless but didn't say a lot more.


The next day I told him that I'd become emotionally attached and have to give myself space, but I don't want to lose his friendship. He gave me minimal responses yet again, telling me he is disappointed however he gets why. A few days later, I add him back on Facebook only. He emails me confused saying that he knows I'm upset but I didn't have to remove him in the first place. I responded that I thought it was best to cut all forms of contact originally but having thought about the situation I couldn't do that to him because he's only ever been so nice to me. I said I don't want to lose his friendship and he said reciprocated my feelings. I still maintained I need space.


A few days later, after everything looked clearer I sent him a text message just to say hello and ask how he's going. But he didn't reply. I'm just wondering why he wouldn't reply? Is he respecting my decision for space? I've given it a few days and I've thought about it all. If he cares about me as much as he told me he does, why hasn't he replied? Any thoughts?

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