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I ended our opposite sex friendship, I don't know what he's feeling


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I've ended an opposite sex friendship because we were getting close beyond platonic and we even admitted to having feelings for each other. There's a reason we can't be together, which I will not go into here. But we initially met in junior high, and we casually dated but I never returned his feelings. He established contact with me via Facebook 15 years later, and things grew from there.


I tried to end the friendship a few weeks ago when I realized I was falling for him, but he just wouldn't let me walk away. He said I mean too much to him as a friend to just cut contact over something like romantic feelings. The problem is, I've developed an emotional investment in this friendship, and I was at the point I was becoming jealous of any potential suitors.


It's been 3 days since it happened and I'm still hurting as though I've ended a relationship. I told him my reasons, and it deeply hurt to cut contact with h but it's for the best. When I told him, via text message (we couldn't meet up) he didn't really respond. He didn't say a word back until I said I'm sorry it had to get to this. He replied that he's "at a loss for words" and hasn't said anything more.


I feel so bad about it all, but I'd just like to know what he's most likely feeling? What feelings would elicit a response like that? Why didn't he really reply?

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Uh, he didn't reply because you ended the friendship. He is also caught off guard and backpedaling, and mourning the loss of whatever you two had or imagined having.


You have a responsibility to let him be. He is thinking whatever he wants - it is no longer your business, if it ever was.


You said it had to end. End it in your mind as well.

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