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Confused...in need of advice


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My guy and I have be dating for quite sometime now. It been good up until March, it started to go down hill. Things that I needed in the relationship started declining that I was receiving B4. He turns his phone face down most of the time we are together, unless he forgets. Time being spent, going and hanging out, sex completely stop. Its like he started to withdrawal from me. However he still wants me to be his super women. E.I...is my resume complete, did u feel the application out for me, my driver's license papers need to be sent in, I need a dentist and doctor appointment...etc. All together we have 5 kids...I raise them, all do everything, with no appreciation. However, he will talk to me on the phone for hours, he has no problem with telling people who I am. I pretty much no his whereabouts...i put it like this if I need to find him I know where he is. I would like to know u guys opinions on y these things are happening...please feel free.to ask any questions....Also we have had I few deaths and tragic things happen in our family since March.

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I am probably no position to give you advice, but coming from someone who has been cheated on.....no sex + secretiveness= cheating. He may not be doing the act, but his mind is elsewhere. Or perhaps hes talking to a female friend for comfort/guidance.


If you two have an open line of communication, I'd just ask. Im sure you know your man well enough to know when he is lying.

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