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Good first meeting after break up, but I think I messed up.


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Hi, I think I need help. I don't know what to do. I think I made a mistake.


My ex boyfriend broke up with me 2 months ago. Within a week he got another girlfriend.


I did no contact and focused on myself. But I still have feelings for him. We started talking again about 3 weeks ago. Small talk. And the conversation was starting

To pick up. So I asked him to have dinner with me 9 days ago.


We had dinner and it was really good. We didn't talk about the past. We talked about light things and it was really fun. It was only for about 45mins.


After the dinner I texted him saying "I had a great time. Thanks for not letting me eat alone although the food wasn't as good as advertised haha 😊"

And he replied: "Hahaha, yeah it was fun Next time nice food instead"


Then I made the mistake of being too clingy. We had the dinner on a Sunday night. then on Wed I was at a Starbucks and the people beside me were talking about a place to get good paella which is his favorite. So I messaged telling him about it. He just read the message but didn't reply.


Then on Thursday, I messaged again asking to call him bec I had a problem about a friend of mine. I said: "David, Are you busy? I need your opinion. I have a problem about Danix. Can I call?" and he said: I'm actually waiting for another call Is it urgent? I said, no it can wait. Then he said: Ok, sorry about that.


And he never got back to me.


What should I do? Should I start over with no contact? How do I recover from this last conversation?

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