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i need some help..... youve probably heard this one before a million times but i need to know whats happening....

my boy friend and i have mucked around but nothing as serious as sex we have tried but he came too early..

Anyway he was wearing a comdom and we did everything right... and made sure that we cleaned him up before any touching again...

so thereforeeeeee i dont understand why i am not getting my period i was told that stress may be causing it but i find that ima not stressed and i cannot stop eating of late... and do receive stomache pains! please tell me whats wrong and fast! i realli need to know

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yes, it may be stress, because i had a girlfriend that was so stressed out, she didnt have her cycle for 3 months, and her stomache was gettin big, and she was eating more, and sleeping more...but also, she wanted to believe she was pregnant too tho..hahaha...but she wasnt, the doc said that she was just stressed...




I got pregnant with one of my sons, and my x husband and I were were using a condom...if i remember correctly tho, somehow it busted, and the rest was history..(that baby was determined to get here. lol)...just make sure its not defected b4 u use them in the future, cuz sumtimes they may even have a lil pin hole which can be disasterous if a lady doesnt want to become pregnant...cuz no method is 100 percent guaranteed, but theyre pretty reliable,....all in all...you may be stressed and not aware, just try relaxing, and definitely visit ur doctor...



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Hey, I had a friend that was in the same situation. She was fooling around with her BF and then she noticed that she had skipped her period and started freaking out and eating a lot and always feeling pains in her stomach. But eventually she started to calm down and talked to her boyfriend about what if, and now she's totally fine. It's probably just stress, try getting out and doing something to get your mind off of things. Well good luck to ya.

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