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What's my next step?


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The weekend before this story, the girl invited me to a beach trip with her girlfriends. I was the only guy. We were all over each other and had sex. Everything was looking good, until...) The girl I’m seeing got mad at me because I overreacted and got a little upset that she’s considering moving to progress her career. I can’t fault her for that, but I was hoping to develop something more. She said she did not want to jump into a relationship and that things were moving too fast. After a text-fight on Thursday, I asked her if we were over and she said “idk right now…not exactly thrilled about any of this”. I sent her flowers the following day (Friday), at which point she said I didn’t need to send anything. I told her I wanted to because I felt bad. She thanked me and said it was nice. I asked her if we could talk later that night when she got off work, and she said “ we did talk”. I asked if we were over and she responded with “omg please don’t be so pushy”. I apologized and let her be. Didn’t hear from her until the following night (Saturday) when she sent me a meme regarding an inside joke we had on our first date. I wasn’t sure if she was over the fight since she didn’t bring it up, so I kept the conversation brief. She then started talking to me on Snapchat, eventually asking what I was up to. I told her I was in bed going to sleep and in the morning I woke to a message that said “sweet dreams”. The last time we talked was Sunday night when I asked texted her saying how I hoped she had a great Father’s Day. She responded with “Hey , thanks we have, we’re just winding down now. Might have to go to the grocery store tho” and I said “Cool. Glad to hear”. Here it is noon Tuesday and we have not talked. I don’t want to text her and risk encroaching on her space, but I also don’t want her to think I moved on. What should I do from here?

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