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I'm so NERVOUS...How to calm my nerves?


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I don't know where to post this.



This isn't official dating...



Story is that we are friends right now. I'm meeting him soon -- maybe tomorrow, or next day but definitely within the next 3 days most likely as he's getting his car fixed tomorrow. We've had this thing going for months now and I found myself thinking about him a lot. I've known him for 2 years now and we've been friends to start with. Anyway, I was about to go to sleep when he messaged me just now about how he really really wants to see me badly (since I'm in town currently)...that he just wants to get drinks and just talk so that I could get to know him and if I could accept him then he could give everything he is to me. Short and simple. He's been going through some stuff that I won't really get into, but just from reading this I felt this burst of happiness, excitement, yet I am so scared of seeing him. So afraid that things are going to go wrong and I realize that I'm stressing over something I can't really control right now. I know I've come to really care deeply for him.



He's great with talking and I'm like shet when I'm nervous. Do you guys have any tips of how not to psych yourself out too much and not get so self-conscious and nervous for things like this? I knew we were going to meet up & I was going to go in with as little expectations as possible, but now after I got his messages how do I keep myself from not expecting anything?


Go with the flow? Be myself? Do you guys have something that you did that really helped?

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Just think of it as enjoying the moment for what it is. Having good conversation with someone cute and fun. Talk about anything that interests you. Ask him questions like where he's traveled or what his bucket list for travels are, and then you can tell him about your bucket list. Don't go to his home, as your chemistry might make it hard to avoid being intimate too soon. You don't want this to end up as a casual fling, since it sounds like you want something more with him. You have to be patient and see how the relationship progresses, if it does, and how much effort he's willing to put in to make that happen. Always remember that you are the treasure, and a that you're worth the effort. Take care.

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