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does she like me?


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So let me give you a little history of me and this girl before i give you the more updated version of us (SO SORRY THIS IS SO LONG), we first started talking when i was 17 and she was 16, (i'm now coming up to being 21) and we talked for like a year and a bit and was a thing and was really really close, we then got into an argument and stopped talking for like 2 years, i then messaged her 3 months ago asking how things were, she had a boyfriend and i was like ah that's cool. (I wouldn't interfere with someone else's relationship) The boyfriend got really jealous that she was talking to me alot and she ended up breaking up with him 2 months ago, she said one of the big reasons was because of how much he hated her talking to me.


Just before meeting up


So we continued talking, and i asked her twice to meet up, the first time she said after her performance was done she would be happy too, i then asked again after the performance and she said she doesn't know due to some situations (probably the ex boyfriend etc) then a week after that she asked if i wanted to meet up, i obviously said yes.


What i bought for her


So we meet up, me being the gentlemen i am and the fact that we live about an hour away from each other, i decided to get us a hotel room (i also had to go to said place for an interview so it kinda worked out for me) which was pretty expensive, i also bought her some food and a cinema ticket and then after our two days there i took her to her friends uni which is like an hour and a half away. (took me like 3 hours to drive home instead of the 1 hour and a like 20 minutes lol). So in total it cost me about 500 pounds. (i know bloody stupid of me)


What happened when we met up


So i said to my friends that i wouldn't say no to having sex with her but would rather not have sex after haven't seen each other for ages and would rather wait. So i go in for the first kiss and we make out for a bit, i started moving my hands around and she pulls away, indicating she doesn't wanna have sex, i was like okay then. Through out the whole time when we kissed she would be the one pulling away, not me might i add.


But for the 2 nights she would always want to cuddle in bed and wouldn't let me leave to go to the other bed (she would literally hang on to me). She also let me touch her arse all the time too (if that has any indication to anything haha). We had no awkward silences and always had a good flow of conversation.


However one thing which confused me was that she only told 2 people that she was seeing me (i told anyone who ask what i was doing in said place), she told her mum and her friend at the uni i was taking her too. When i asked her why she didn't tell the rest of her friends she said they would get angry and tell her ex (they're friends with her ex too) and her ex would get angry, so i responded saying why do you care what he thinks and she said she hated him and didn't want to talk to him.


She's been on two "dates" before which she didn't know why she went on but did and she told her friends about, i'm pretty sure its just because it's me and the big reason they broke up was me (for some reason).


Where my predicaments lie at now[/u][/b]


We're still talking now but she'll stop replying for hours at a time or till the next day (it really doesn't feel the same since we met up) i really did enjoy myself seeing her again and could see something happening with us in the future, but i'm paranoid if i did something wrong when we met up or shes not interested in me or playing hard to get. Now i've gotten really interested in her and doesn't help the fact that we were so close before hand. I need your guys help, i'm waiting to the end of the month ish to ask if she wants to meet up in july, should i ask sooner or is that a good time to see if she's still interested in me, i don't wanna continue something which then i'll get rejected or have my stupid overthinking paranoid self keep building something up which isn't there and then be really down for sometime after.


Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to reply, i really do appreciate it!

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hey man-

i think you should ask for what you need and don't over think how she is going to respond. this applies to both when to ask her out and also what to say to her when you're interacting. the less self conscious you can be the better.

no more mr nice guy is a book i've found really helped me in this area of life. it's by dr robert glover. check it out.

this has happened to me before too and sometimes giving space is a good thing. not playing games, but think of it as giving her freedom and space to miss you and choose you.

good luck~

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