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He left me out of the blue, i miss him

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Okay, to make things short, i left my girlfriend i lived with for my boss who i fell in love with (never cheated on my gf). I started a new job after my job shutdown and met him then and immediately fell for him and as months went on i fell harder and realized in a very tv like moment that he liked me too. We fell in love, well i fell in love with him, and never before had i felt true love before. It makes you sick you care so much and it was so different from what I've felt with anyone before and even surpassed love i had for my closest friends. I am sure it was a space issue since he hasn't had a gf for two years and i just got out of living with someone i was practically engaged too to living on my own which i hadnt technically done in my life (living with family, roomates, etc.). I expected a lot out of him at first but learned to slow down and not be as "needy" bc i was used to living with my s.o. But it became more distant than it shouldve been, talking every 3 days even though he lived not a mile from me and we work together. And then when we did hang out he was distracted and we only had sex once or twice every two weeks which sex isn't a big deal to me but it used to be to him so it was a radical change. He became cold and distant, not even kissing me at a greeting. Every holiday became nothing, christmas, new years, my birthday were undercelebrates and ignored almost. We didn't even celebrate valentines day after i bought a dress and presents. He broke up with me after thinking about it for 3 days. He's stubborn as hell and will not go back on a decision he makes in order to not look week. He even told me when i camed to get the rest of my things a few weeks later on calm terms from his house which i use to stay at ritually (per his request) that he almost called me baby after he opened the door and was going to say he missed me but stopped. We talk rarely at work and it is usually professional or light hearted. But there is a noticeable wall and some longing looks that we both ignore. He tells his gf's he loves them 2 years in usually and he told me 6months in and we were together for 9months, soon after valentines day. Did he make a mistake? I knew we had communication issues but should/could i ask him to try again but on a less developed level of a relationship and try to take things really slow and give eachother more space? He is older than me but we are mentally on the same level. I feel like he uses my age as an excuse for me not understanding the dynamic of a relationship. We are both 21+, i promise im not a lolita lol. Please help me understand what i should be doing because i am confused, it would be easier if we didnt have to work together and see eachother twice a week. Ask questions if needed.

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Ignore him completely expect for work issues and don't talk to him at all about the relationship.


Move on with your life. As far as he is concerned, you should look strong and happy and unconcerned about him at all.


Work on healing your heart and don't give him any more of your time.

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