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cheating dumper still contacts me even on 1 month NC


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Been dumped 4 months ago and i've changed my number so that i can go on LC. I kept my email open for him for official business and he reached out on april. I have been on complete NC successfully for a month but still his emails persisted even if i dont reply to him anymore. his emails are just one word terms of endearment. why does he keep on emailing? is this guilt?

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Nope, he's fishing to see if he can use you for backup. Chronic cheaters tend to have rather large egos that need a lot of feeding. They need to know that they could still "get you" should they so choose, because it makes them feel better about themselves.


It's a really rotten thing to do. Just set up a folder in your email that all his emails go to, and periodically delete it. It's not guilt, not even close.

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