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Abrupt break up. Is he regretting? Please help

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Sorry if it's a bit long - I really would appreciate anyone's time to read it and give me their honest insight as to what he wants.


My ex boyfriend and I were together for 6 months. We're flatmates so we've been very close from day 1. Apart from the normal fights that every couple has, our relationship was perfect. He told me he loved me, we planned to move in together in September, he would make jokes about when we are married, said that I am perfect for him and said that he would never break up with me. We had such a strong connection and it really was like dating your best friend. 3 weeks ago he brought me to France to meet his grandparents for the first time. We had a great time and I did not suspect anything was wrong. A few days after we returned home we had a fight which continued to the next day and he broke up with me. I tried to fight for the relationship by saying that I accept responsibility for my own actions and I had no idea he was so unhappy. I identified that we had an issue communicating - we would avoid the topic that made us argue because we didn't want to get upset again. He agreed. I wrote a letter to him saying that we cannot know if the issue is simply part of the relationship or something that could be fixed if we do not try and if it doesn't work, then we can both walk away knowing that it really is for the best. He did not say no, instead he said he needed to think about it. He reached out and only then explained that he wasn't ready for a relationship. Although when I asked if there was any part of him that wanted to try, he said that it may be a ticking time bomb and he really doesn't want his mum to be wrong in that she is proud he's been open and honest with his feelings. Even our flatmates are confused and concerned for him because they said he seems very off and looks like he hasn't been taking care of himself since he broke up with me.


Here are the things that haven't made any sense to me -

After he broke up with me, I bumped into him in the kitchen where he couldn't look at me. He later on said that he didn't have the strength to look at me. He also stopped eating and couldn't sleep at night, barely coming out of his room. When I went into his room after the breakup, he still had all our memoirs on his wall (even my xmas card that said on the front to my wonderful boyfriend). I asked why he still had it there, he said he had no time and didn't really look at it. I know he has had the time because he's been in his room and it's directly above his computer which he goes on all the time. A few days later after I mentioned it was still there. When I asked how he felt about the breakup, he said he had conflicting feelings that he may have lost something but it may get better with time and he's just trying to find things to distract himself. He says that he still wants to be friends and said if I want to talk or need him to pick up anything then he is always here. When I bumped into him in the kitchen a few days ago he was trying to initiate conversation and asked if I wanted to watch a YouTube seri S video with him - one that we always watched together. I said maybe. I also asked if he was in, he said no and he's gone off to work although I didn't reply. Two hours later he sent me another message asking if everything was ok and if I needed anything. He also sent me a message last night at 3am after not speaking for 3 days with a screenshot of a post that was about a plane crash that a direct family member was in.. i don't understand why he would send that unless he's trying to find excuses, but I didn't respond anyway.

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