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Does Shy Guy like me or does he not?


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Hello, I have a question


This guy that I swim with, a year older than me, always glances at me, and when I look back, he looks away. Except one time, he looked at me and we shared a smile. Except he never responds to me on social media, although he responds to many others. The social media/ chat thing I use is outdated, but he checks it and ignores my texts.


We used to talk a bit about swimming, and stuff such as that, but it was always me initiating the conversation, while he replied in one word or less, most of the time. Sometimes he replied with a sentence telling me more about himself, but that was only a few times. I'm also a socially awkward person, and I get super nervous around him. I just want to know if I should take the leap of faith and try to talk to him one day, or if I should back off, in case I'm annoying him...


Thank you!

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Shy guys are the worst aren't they!

I'm currently getting closer to a shy guy who was acting this way with me two months ago... I just didn't know how to read him. However, what i had to do was pluck up the courage to be the chaser...By that i don't mean message him every twenty minutes but apparently shy guys love it when the girl makes a move...You seem careful enough to know your boundaries so maybe create an incident to talk to him, it's what i did, i pretended like i was having a bit of a panic attack at work as a customer stressed me out, it was pathetic but we have more or less been chatting non stop since i made that move and actually went on a date last week.


If you're scared about reaction/rejection maybe show him that you're confident and even mention something

Like "hey! Have you seen a purple pair of goggles/glasses? I feel terrible cos they were a Christmas present!".. i know it seems cringey but when i made my pathetic move, i got a three hour conversation out of him and as i say, were not together but we have come a very long way. The guy i like had a gf when we first started speaking so never forget that could be the reason......

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He ignores your texts? Seems to me that would be the preferred mode of communication for a shy person, but maybe not. He can't avoid your verbal conversation, but he can ignore your texts, and does. Fact of the matter is you HAVE talked to him, and haven't gotten anywhere.


What exactly is it about this guy that you like so much? It doesn't sound like he's really into you.

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