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Is he interested or not?

Shala XOX

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So after college, I usually have to travel home to my village. There are several drivers who my fellow villagers know well, since they all travel with them. A few years ago, one of the drivers caught my attention. But I never paid any attention to him because I barely travelled at that time. I came home with him a few times, but he never spoke to me, or even looked at me. Recently however, one evening, he began a conversation, which surprised me a bit. Let's call him Sam. Sam asked me how old I was, and what time I usually get up in the mornings, things like that etc. When I arrived home and came out, he told me "take care" to which I responded "You too". Ever since that day, I began to develop a hugeee crush on him. But it occured to me that he definitely would not be interested in me. Three weeks after, I saw him again and I was glad to. His friends, the other drivers, were already almost filled with passengers, so I had no choice but to go with his friend, Brandon. Before I jumped in the taxi, I made sure to talk to Sam. I did not want to appear desperate so I ignored him when I saw him, but he waved at me first, and I waved back. He remained parked up behind Brandon and the other taxi, and then I jumped in Brandon's taxi. While sitting, I could see the two men chatting away, until I felt a touch on my hand. Looking out, I realized it was Sam. He left his vehicle to come and speak to me, and again, he said "take care", and left. Also, when I almost arrived home, Brandon told me that I made Sam come out of his vehicle just to see me.

Sooooo....... With all of this, I am pretty excited to see him soon. But I want to know for sure, is he interested? Please someone, let me know your thoughts.

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