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Why can't I stop thinking about it


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So I feel like I need some advice.


A year ago me and guy got really close but he had a gf. He saw her rarely but I saw how obsessed he was with her also she's pretty much perfect, great job, degree and she's pretty and has lots of friends, I could see the infatuation.

Me and him got closer and we kissed, we spent everyday together and he only saw her once a month. He decided he was gonna break up with her for me but when he went to see her he decided not to and it broke my heart because he promised me he would and he said he loved me. I found out he was planning to marry her and he was happy at the time I was at my worst.

I didn't speak to him for 2 weeks and then he won be back and we got close again, I said I forgave him. 3 Months later we got close again and he said he wanted to me with me again and he broke up with her for good.

We are now together and have been for 7 months but I can't help but feel upset and sad when I think about what he did in the past, I feel like what if he still loves her?


What do I do,

do I talk to him about it even though this happened a year a go?

or do I let time heal....

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