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Troubles Finding Someone After Breakup...

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I recently was broken up with from a 1 year and 7 month relationship. My ex-girlfriend has already been hanging out with another guy. I presume they will be officially be going out soon, if not already. I feel like crap because we had such a magical relationship. She loved me and I loved her. We experienced everything together. Only 2 days, and she is already with someone else. Does anyone else think this is wrong? Anyways, I have realized I must move on now. I find it hard to start talking to anyone I find interesting and attractive. I was never shy around girls before, but now I am. I do not know how to pursue going up to a girl and just talk to her. I need help and advice. What should I do?


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Hello Sweet Euphoria,


First of all thank you for your update. I am sorry to hear that your g/f moved on the way she did. Dating/seeing another guy two days after your breakup seems a little fast. However, could it be possible that she is trying to make you jealous or impress you? Could it be possible that she is doing a 'rebound relationship'.


The reason why you can't move on (yet), is probably because you're not completely over her, which is perfectly human and normal. Feelings for someone that you loved for a year and seven months don't go away overnight. That takes a little more time. They say that it takes approx. a week for every month that you have been together. But that's just a number.


My suggestion is that you start to heal first and that you make sure that YOU are doing and feeling good again. Any start of a relationship with someone else now, will probably get you in trouble, because you might start to compare your new date with your ex g/f or you might start to talk about your ex g/f too much. I am sure you'd like to stay out of that trouble. I hope that this helped you on your way. Suggestions of things to do? Do the ordinary: go to the gym!! *smiles*


I wish you good luck and hope for a better future for you soon


~ SwingFox ~

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As far as talking to other girls? You need confidence. I had a relationship, that lasted, not as long as yours, but "magical" none the less. When we broke up and people were telling me that I just needed to find someone, I had completely forgot how to talk to a girl.

All you need is confidence. And a little practice. Start talking to girls, in short subtle conversations. Then work your way up to having real conversations. Eventually you will have your confidence back up, and you will be perfectly fine talking to girls. Maybe even gettin' your mack on...

You'll be fine, just be patient.

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I think she probably never really cared in the first place. You can read my post about my situation which is quite worse than yours. My ex slept with another guy the same night we broke up! They have been dating since that day the last 3 weeks and probably before we broke up behind my back. She told me the breakup was so hard on her that she just needed affection from other people. Bull-shit. She never loved me in the first place. You may want to sit down and re-evaluate if you think she really cared. How could she move on so quickly if she really did love you?

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