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Feeling bad


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Remind yourself of the last line you posted


"I'm such a sweet girl I don't deserve this."


People would miss out on your sweetness if you were gone. Your kindness enriches others lives and those who are near you.


You will get through this, this too shall pass!


Please seek out a suicide hotline.


Please keep posting here. We are all here for you!



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Although it might not feel that way now, whatever you're dealing with will pass. Watch some funny video compilations on YouTube. Or watch the baby elephant having a tantrum.


Take your mind off of it.

Read some of the feeds on here.


Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I promise life has so much more to offer you than what you've already seen.




I lost my best friend to suicide. It hurts that he has never met my kids. And he won't have kids of his own.


Listen to music. Go for a run. Do some jumping jacks. Color to your hearts content.


And reach out to a suicide. Talking things out can be so helpful.

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Sometimes when we are really down, it might seem as if there wasnt and will never bee better. But the truth is different, bad days pass and good days come , it's just that we dont really notice them.


Try to talk to somebody, there has to be phone line you could call or maybe your parents.

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