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He asked his sister if me and him should get back together....


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so my ex asked his sister if she wanted me and him back together and his sister said yes but not right now because we need to work on ourselves...


My question is, for someone (my ex) to break up with me and say IM NEVER GETTING BACK WITH YOU... why would he ask her that? he values his sisters opinions and talks to her about everything...


is this a good or bad things?


i miss him and want to work things out

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It doesn't matter what the sister thinks if he broke up and is in a new relationship and he's introducing her family. Stay no contact except for child custody/visitation. File for child support.


Take care of yourself and your child. His sister may tell you what you want to hear but he makes his own choices about relationships, not her.

He does all this but wont contact me at all and says he is "taking it slow" with this new girl. The new girl is 10 years younger than him.He started being intimate the end of Dec two weeks after he told me they were talking. She has even met some of his family...
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