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I Want Him Back

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My ex and I live 12 hours apart but even though had a very very strong, loving relationship. Something I feel happens once in a lifetime (which I know sounds dramatic, but it's the only way I can explain it lol). But seriously he was my best friend and I know we were very in love. Especially him ... he was the one who I feel was more "in control" -- he set the pace of the relationship, telling me he loved me first, making plans to move to be with me etc.


He broke up with me almost two months ago because he said he couldn't handle the distance emotionally.


I truly feel like my recovery has been excellent, I no longer cry over it, never check up on him, but I really miss him and I still want him back. I have been going on casual dates with other guys, but it just doesn't feel the same.


He and I haven't talked since the break up, but he still follows me on social media. When he broke up with me he continued to tell me that he loved me and when he hung up the phone he told me he loved me. I've been in relationships before but this is the first one that I feel like it isn't truly over. I feel like maybe when he gets his life together he will come back to me. I'm not waiting around, I'm doing my own thing and focusing on me but I still have that feeling in my gut.


I really do want him back but I'm not going to be the one that reaches out first. Part of me feels like, if he loved me he'd still be with me , but another part of me knows that sometimes love really isn't enough.


I just don't know what to think or do because I truly feel like he and I are meant to be together.

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Two months is still pretty recent -- I'm not surprised you aren't feeling much of a connection with the guys you are dating. Maybe take a break for a bit and get back into it when you feel more ready.


Keep in mind that sometimes the real reasons for a breakup remain undisclosed. Obviously the distance could have become a non-issue if he'd made a decision to move to where you live. There could be more going on than he told you; there could be someone else in the picture, or perhaps he just felt it wasn't right to continue.


Keep working on your healing and stick with your plan to not reach out. It would be great if he came back, but don't wait forever.

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