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Me and my girlfriend broke up about 5 months ago. She broke up with me and it was kind of out of the blue, I wasn't expecting it. She didn't give any reason for breaking up with me and we haven't spoken since.


I was upset afterwards but got on with life and eventually started to forget about her. But recently I've kept thinking about her. I don't know how she's been feeling after it all since I haven't been talking to her.


Should I message her or is 5 months too long to message an ex randomly or should I just move on?



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Do you want to get back together again?


I think it was very unreasonable of her to not give you any explanation at all - that's really bad. Surely there were signs that all was not well? I can't imagine someone breaking up without any signs or reasons - something was clearly wrong.


That said, the very fact that SHE has never made contact, is very telling. I wouldn't waste my time on her. I would say move on to better things.

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She said there were other things going on in her life.

Well, the way I see it, you can have other things going on in your life, but if you are still interested in your partner (ex), then you would still be able to find the time to send the odd message or two, a simple "hello, how are you?" etc etc. She hasn't been in touch at all. Nothing. Zero. That to me says a lot.


I understand you're hurting, but you need to face reality. If she had any interest in you at all, she would make contact (imo).


How long were you together?

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We were together 6 months before that.


I just find it strange that I'm having these feelings now so long after it ended


Ahhh, 6 months - not much time invested in this, a very short term "relationship".


My guess you are simply feeling lonely and rehashing the good times and fantasizing "what could have been". And nothing wrong with that, most people do that.


I reiterate my original post - move on to better things. I have no doubt she has moved on too (hence no contact with you).

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