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a while back me and this girl started to really like each other. before that we were just friends. this started about 1 month and a half ago. we acted like we were basically dating each other, we fell in love so quickly, but weren't dating because of me. i couldn't cos of my parents. everything was fine up until my parents found out about us and i told her that i couldn't have a gf cos i had to concentrate on school work, i didn't want to really tell her why. we both were extremely upset.


from then on things kinda went back to the same way as if i never told her it was "over". she told me she would wait for me until i was ready cos we loved each other so much. we continued loving each other and doing things that only u would do with the person u loved. but this only lasted a while. i felt her slipping away. and everytime i saw her in school talkin to other guys i got so jealous and mad, cos i couldn't have her cos of my parents but i wanted her so bad. i got angry at her and stuff and she couldn't take it but i had to hide my feelings. thats why she slipped away.


thats when she ended the things between us sayin that she still had feelings with her ex of 3 yrs, which is my bestfriend. she said that she wanted to get rid of these feelings so she could love me with ALL her heart. but as the days went on she slipped away even more.. i always suspected this other guy who has been in the picture from the start. he liked her and asked her out but she rejected him cos back then she loved me. but he was a really nice guy to her and i had to compete with that. when i asked her if she would ever date him she said no cos i was better looking and all, since we are both nice guys (according to her). but i just couldn't be there for her like he could, since hes older and doesn't have parents on his back. and at the start of this week i found out that she just started dating him. on that day i found out i went over to her place to try and get her back but she told me to get over her and stuff. i was so sad cos my feelings for her never changed from the time we fell in love. i had to hide them from her. but she now knows why i did it (parents), but its too late.


i miss her so much. its hard enough losing the girl u love, and at the same time losing your bestfriend (which was her) hurts so much. i want her back so bad. is there anyway that i can get her to give me another chance? even though she already has a bf? should i just try and be her friend? we r both 17. what should i do.. i am so lonely.

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I'm in a very similar situation. I too am 17, as was my ex-girlfriend. She broke up with me after 1 year and 7 months, saying she needed to experience life more and hang out with different people. This all happened after she got a new job and met this other guy. Now, even though it kills me, I know I just have to go on in life. We are still friends and talk occasionally. You have to understand that love at 17 is most likely unreal. It is hard to think of your girl with another guy, but that is the situation. You just have to know that she is happy, so you should be too. We are still young man. We will be going to college soon. We have plenty of opportunities to be with other people. Right now, just try to be her friend. She won't appreciate it if you keep pestering about how much you want her back and to give you a second chance. That will just make things more complicated. I am trying to find someone else to hang out with, not necessarily a girlfriend, but someone to talk to and get to know. You should be trying the same thing. We both need to get things off of minds, so go out and experience life! It is so hard, trust me man, I KNOW how you feel. Everyone goes through these things. It may take some time, but you will get through it. Good luck with everything!


-You can private message me or whatever if you want to talk because I know exactly what you are going through. I can help you get through this-

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