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A lot of you are probably wondering why I put something so chipper under a sad subforum.


I could have put this anywhere but I figured the heartbroken would benefit the most.


My ex dumped me almost a year and a half ago. Last Valentine's Day, I was *heartbroken*. Even seeing V day things in the grocery store would bring me to the verge of tears.


Two years ago, my ex and I took a trip so Facebook dredges up those memories. Last year, seeing those memories literally ruined my week.


But this year... today I saw the pictures and felt nothing. In fact, I felt a bit smug. He has a girlfriend but I think he jumped in to it too quick. I am reasonably certain he didn't have any time to discover himself the same way I have.


And here I am - in an amazing graduate program, immensely happy (happier than I was with him), surrounded by amazing friends. My life feels so full. Perhaps his does too. But I know I'm so happy because of how I've grown since the breakup.


I've learned so much about myself and I feel like my life is just about to start. I graduate in May and I'm so excited for whatever my next adventure is. And I have no one holding me back.


So, happy Valentine's Day. I'm really happy with myself and this is the first time I can say that. For the heartbroken - it gets better, but start off by making you better!

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