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Approach Problems

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I have a quick question, on how to over come fear of approaching someone. Not to sound arrogant, but a lot of girls consider me a pretty good looking guy, but I have a problem approaching a single woman. I am a very outgoing person, and definitely do everything right, but breaking the ice is the hardest part. I never have a problem with the dates, and carrying on conversation, but again breaking the ice is my problem.


EX: I can see a gorgeous girl in the mall working, and not say a word to her. However, meeting her through a friend, then it's EZ. Can anyone give me some advice?? Any lady's have advice on how to approach a single lady?


Best regards,



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I know exactly what you're talking about, if you meet someone through friends...at a party, or whatever its easy to go from there. BUT, how do you approach just "some girl" out of the blue...in a mall, at a bar, or wherever. I am really interested in this topic as well

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Guys, most of us are fairly easy to approach. Getting hit on at work is bad for me, anyway, because I'd feel awkward but if I'm on a break or just shopping at the mall, if I'm approached, I'm flattered! I set guys who approach me in real life far above the guys who approach me in a bar because I know its not beer goggles and that it takes a brave guy with a lot of confidence to approach a complete stranger outside of a situation where that is expected to happen. Simply saying hello is a great start. If I'm at least attracted, I'll respond with hey how are you? Move the small talk to interests, grab an interest and get a phone number out of it. If you bomb, shrug it off and try again with the next girl you find attractive.


I guess that's the best advice I have.

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Hey thanks for the advice hopeful_heart! I'll try to conquer the fear, but it's not much rejection. It's the fear of approaching, but it's something that I'm going to just have to deal with it, because there are a lot of attraction women out there

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