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I Really Need Help

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There was this girl I have dated for 4 yrs and as soon as we made marriage arrangement to get married, we realized we were cousins. We have no option than to go our separate ways. This whole thing is killing me emotionally. Am very emotional and she is not emotional as me. She has gain the acceptance but am still battling with it. I told her I need space to heal but she doesn't want to understand. She says it's not fair cos we did nothing wrong to each other so it shouldn't call for space. But whenever I talk to her and sees her, I get emotional by falling in love all over again. She has taken advantage of that and talks to me any how she likes. One important thing is that, I am the one who takes care of her of all her needs financially and whenever I ask for space, she opposes to that. Am really emotionally drained. I really need an advice as in what to do. Anyone please help.

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