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Weaning Lyrica

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This is my second attempt to wean my morning Lyrica. My specialist doesn't think it is doing anything. Personally I do but what do I know. When I tried this a few weeks ago my scalp was absolutely on fire within a few hours . I'm not sure if this is a side effect of the weaning or if a return of my neurological condition . I don't want either thing realistically . Both hurt like the ens.


So ,I'm going to give this my best try . Take three weeks to wean the morning pill and then another three weeks to wean the night one .


Seriously, how I ended up with this condition is beyond me. I know a lot of people on a support group are saying that medical marijuana works great . Maybe I could ask my specialist for that . And I could get rid of all the anti-seizure drugs .

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If you believe that it does help you and you're currently not sure if the side effects you felt before were because of this or a returning condition, then I wouldn't think it'd be ideal to stop taking it right now. Your doctor is the one that is telling you to wean yourself off of them?


I don't know anything about medical MJ. I qualify for it myself, and could use it legally, but I'd still be legally terminated for it from my job, too. So I don't have any advise for you about that, except that I've heard it can work great, but it can also make you very paranoid if you're already an anxious person. Maybe it would be less dangerous to try that first, instead of getting off Lyrica.

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Medical mj on top of all these meds I am not sure I would do. I think I would have to be weaned slowly and then do mj. My boss suggested it and she would support me. I would not do the smoking kind that you can smell all over me. But other kinds sure.

Yeah I have anxiety anyway. Gahh


I would have to ask him for a card.

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