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How to talk to a girl you never talk to or hang out with?

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I have liked a girl for about three months now. She is an amazing girl and it kills me that I cant talk to her. I am a freshman in High school and she is a sophomore. I am not sure how to even start a conversation with her. I never talk to her, at all, never. I never hang out with her, ever. I hardly ever see her, only on the bus and in the hall. Someone please help me with how to talk to her. I'm desperate.


Thank you for your help


Mr. god I wish i could talk to her!

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Take it from a girl, there is nothing sexier than a guy initiating conversation! Well, since you see her on the bus, that's a good place to start. It may sound cliche-ish, but my best friend met her boyfriend of 8months on her bus route. Sometime maybe if she's reading something or listening to her cd player, if you sit somewhere near her, just casually ask her what she's reading or listening too. Go from there. Once you start a conversation, if you have chemistry or something in common, everything should go smoothly.


Or if you'd feel more comfortable talking to her in the halls, then do it there! If you see her, just casually walk with her and ask her what class she has next. who knows, maybe you'll start a conversation.


After the first convo, if there's chemistry or things in common, it will be easier to talk to her again. Sometime while talking, casually ask her for her digits or email address or something.


Basically, just casually talk to her sometime. Questions are great ice-breakers and also let you get to know someone better. Keep cool and try not to be/act nervous. Don't act conceited or cocky though. she wouldn't take you seriously if you did.


I hope I helped some and GOOD LUCK!!! Go get her, tiger!

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