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I'm slowly becoming a stalker? please help?


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I've posted about my story in detail before on here. Basically this issue is about this guy I had an affair with and it didn't turn out very good on my part.


We broke up and i stoppped all contact but I feel like I'm being obsessive. I dont take rejection very well and although were not talking I'm constantly thinking about him and sometimes im aware im being obsessive and sometimes it consumes me and I'm not able to tell it's wrong. Ive talked to a therapist about this and its honestly not helping. I have bipolar disorder and although I feel like I'm stable with it due to medication, I feel like this is a lot like a manic episode where I'm thinking irrationally. Last night I decided to research a bit and read up about something called erotomania and that it is more frequent with people with bipolar disorder. I'm not dangerous, i dont text him a zillion times a day and I don't follow him around and drive by his house everday. He chose someone else over me but I have this delusion that he went to the other woman out of guilt or something and that he wants to be with me but there's holding us back from being with eachother. I can tell difference between reality and a delusion but thinking lile this wont help me recover and move on so I'm stuck.

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Ive talked to a therapist about this and its honestly not helping..

What exactly have you told the therapist? They have to have a full understanding of what is going on before they are able to help in a constructive way. I can only suggest you continue therapy and dig a little deeper and give them full information, or change therapists. But definitely continue with therapy, as you do need help.

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