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Ten Things I Hate About You


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He was the boy that I played around with in the fifth grade when we met. We just joked around a bit even though he made fun of me. He was the first person who's ever made fun of me to my face, the first person I've ever hated.

After fifth grade we didn't speak for about 3-4 years... Sophomore year of high school we had almost the exact same schedule and we ended up having to talk to each other. He was a jerk and he would hit on me with little punchlines and everything.

Every year teachers would randomly seat us near each other or group us together, and I'd always tell him to shut up or leave me alone (he'd just mimick me..). We got yelled at by teachers to stop "flirting" and yelling at each other.

I'd hated him for years, I wasn't getting over it. All my friends always told me he liked me and blah, blah. But I hated him so I ignored him as much as possible.

Second semester of our Junior year he was involved in a pretty serious accident. And he was out of school for the whole year. He had many crushed bones and was bed ridden. But, of course I had to be guilty. I was guilty for wanting him hurt and hating him. I had hated him for such a long time and I felt sooo bad. I felt terrible all semester and summer long.... I just wanted to see he was okay.

The first semester of our senior year was crazy. All I wished was for him to be okay. Well, turns out he was. And I saw him being "attractive" all of the sudden... I never had before.. We picked up our fighting like usual, except this time it was different. He was touchy.. He would hit on me and wrap his arm around me from time to time. He would go out of his way (across a room) to go mess with me, he would listen in on my conversations and butt in. He and I got stuck in groups together a lot, I don't know what was up with the teacher, he would always stick me in the middle and stand really close to me in presentations and touch me a lot. It sounds childish, and it really was. He would talk to his friends about me while they were just had a "what?" Expression on their faces. And It had all happened before but senior year it happened on a regular basis and it happened often..

He was still a jerk senior year. He was a ing to me. He was always such a gentleman to everybody but me. He was the ing perfect guy to everybody. But me. He told me to "go ahead and kill myself" and to die and that he didn't know why I hadn't committed suicide already. Nobody knew wheat I had to put up with, but I was so head strong and I was confident enough to not let him get to me.

He totally bombed his senior project, I respected him while he presented, but when I ing presented, he ing turned around and stared at a wall. He only did that with me, nobody else. He even announced it, that he rather not see what I am presenting. What a ing Jerk! All this really jerk-ish behavior began nearing the end of the semester. These are some of the last memories I have of him... And I hate him, but to be honest I ing love him as well. How is that even possible?

The second semester of our senior year he had graduated early and I only saw him from time to time at basketball games, mandatory senior meetings, and graduation things.

Well, we graduated and I still think of him to this day. I had fallen in love with him during our Senior year...

(The thing that got to me though is that I am colored (but I'm very light and act pretty white..) and he is really into colored girls. He had always made that clear... and also, he was a bit higher up in the social scale than I am, but we were pretty much equal socially..)


I am currently a thousand miles away, at school, from home where he stayed. I am in my first semester of college And I miss him like crazy. I am more successful than him, thus far. And I still love him and I still hate him. I haven't seen him in a couple of months.. And I miss him but I also know it's probably for the best but I can't help but wish...


Ten thing I hate about you:

1. You're a Jerk.

2. You've never treated me well.

3. You're act stupid when you're really intelligent.

4. You either kept up a stupid act or you liked me and never told me.

5. You have no mouth filter.

6. You're open about your sex opinions..

7. You're selfish.

8. You terrorized me for years.

9. You were the first person I ever hated. You brought hate into my life.

10. I love you.


My question for God is why do we love the people who hurt us the most? Why can't I just find a nice boy and be obsessed with him rather then a boy I met 8 years ago?

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