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Don't be insane, just leave it be.

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Doing something over and over, and expecting different results.. Despite knowing better.


Gets eerie and weird, when you become so numb to pain and kinda 'use to' it..


Anyways I definately wasted a lot of my life, I hope anyone who reads this.. Just realize that it's not worth it. Just give up. People don't change easily.


I wasted 1/3rd of my life.. Don't waste urs. Even that special person you once love and hope they can get better.... Your ideal and memories of them will get tainted, and you won't see them the same way.. It's gross.


I hope someone can use my silliness, and insanity of mistakes, to get the courage and just be done. Don't wait 1 month, don't wait 2.. just be done..

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