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I think my ex never really let himself FEEL his feelings..he was always kind of emotionless and maybe he just never came to peace with things because he pushed away his feelings. I really don't know. I know i will never know!!!


The bottom line is, it's time to let go and accept what "happened" happened, and it's beyond your control. Life is short, pick your battles.

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I agree.


But as far as exes, whether or not they're civil to me has no bearing on my life. I seriously could not care less.


If one of them said something nasty about me I would think it was stupid. But I wouldn't be upset. I'd think "Well, he's stupid" and go on with my day.


haha this is how i do feel!!!!!!!! I do think he is stupid. I think it's immature and rude what he said and i do think he's dumb for saying it! I don't care if he is civil to me or not. If he wants to ignore me now, that is fine. I am doing the same and totally ok with that now.


For whatever reason i do care being talked about behind my back. BUT i know i can't control what other people say or do.. if he wants to be dumb then so be it. It's his life and if he wants to live it being negative towards me/anyone else then that's his issue! It's the same with anyone though...ex or not, if someone were to say mean things about me behind my back I would not like that. It is just more complicated because he is an ex...hence why I made this post!!! But i think after everyone's advice I will just deem this situation to be stupid and just keep being myself as i have been. If we happen to be at the same event, i'm not going to let that affect me having a good time. If he wants to say dumb things then so be it. It's like when u tell a kid to ignore a bully... i just have to be that bigger person and ignore it

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