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Stripper Problem

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There are 3 things that sound good only in your head:

1) dating (or being involved with) a stripper

2) buying a yacht

3)having a threesome with a friend..

just do your best to forget it...


Hey I had a threesome with a few of my friends and two of them are actually my best friends and we're still best friends. I know it's weird but I dunno I was young and drunk? Lol But yeah overall it doesn't seem like the best idea. I can't afford a yacht but I probably would hook up with a stripper but I wouldn't pay her. I just simply can't afford it but also I do realise it's just their job and nothing else. And if a stripper doesn't want to date you for free (or date you at all) that's a sure way to know she doesn't care and just wants your money

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