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It's exactly 7 days since he last text me ....


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I've made it to a week. I'm very proud of myself for not caving. I've deactivated Facebook and removed him off Twitter. I'm sad he's not bothered to contact me, but I guess it shows he didn't actually care as much as i thought he did.

But here's to day 8 tomorrow!

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Funny how after 7 years he might be thinking the same thing... That after 7 days you dont care for him as much as he thought. However it doesnt matter.


You are doing good!! You should be proud of yourself for not caving. I read your previous post and Im with you in thinking the relationship is over. But hey, thats okay. And did you happen to notice what happened today? The sun still came up and do you know what? Its also going to set even without this guy in your life. Life does move on and so will you.

Cry if you have to, thats okay if you do. Just know that in the end you are going to be happy again. You will find love and you are going to smile and have your heart filled with love. Its just a matter of time and thats what you have to give yourself.

Youll be alright.

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Thank you No1. The sun will come and and go down, and I'm still here.

Today I realised that there is always a reason that I could contact him. After 7 years of a relationship and 8 years in each other's lives, there's always a reason. I also know if I text him, he'd reply. I know that with every piece of me, and that's reassuring. But I need to change that habit, everything good, bad, funny, sad, I'd of text him, rang him to tell him. There's been several times this week when I could of reached out, but I know I need to focus on me now. It's hard, and I miss him desperately, but I need too.


I've also realised that I'm now alone, only child, my father died, and my mom lives a 6 hour drive away. My friends are all happily married/LTR's and I've now no one to share things with. Guess that's why I'm here.

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Ellie.. Im going to tell you a secret.. just because people are married or in a LTR doesnt mean they are in Xanadu or bathing in the pool of Happiness every day. Just means they are with someone.

Being alone doesnt equate to being lonely. Being single is not a bad thing. But you still have friends right? Lean on them.

Im sure at some point you and this guy will start talking again and you two can be friends, unless the 7-8 years of knowing him has been all FWB or dating. But if you two were friends before you hooked up then its just a matter of time before you two can put that behind you. Or maybe youll never talk to him again, but the thing is you two were just not meant to be an item.

Ellie.. you are gorgeous and there is a guy who is waiting to find someone like you.. just know that it will happen.

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No, I know that. I was married before I met this guy, hence my refusal to go through it all again. We were compatible in every way me & my ex husband weren't. I've honestly never felt heartbreak like this, and you're right, we aren't meant to be together. Despite fate throwing him at me time after time!


No, I can honestly say, I don't think I do have friends. I've reached out to numerous people over the last week and had no response. But you know what, that's ok. I'm the person that has to pick myself up at 4am, and I'm the only person I need at this time.

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