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How to get back after two weird break upa

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I was with my ex for over 3 years and we started arguing alot towards the end over silly thigs, eventually she decided to end it because it wasn't working out making us that happy. After a week she contacted me saying she regretted it, we proceeded to start slowly seeing eachother and hanging out and for a few months were very close and almost together again, however I did ALL the work and everything for her and she seemed to still be in love with me but just not willing to try for me at all. We had the odd scrap but it was fun and we had great time together. After a few months I had one bad day where I snapped and it wasn't even do to with her but she felt that was it and told me it was time to call it off, with absolutely no reasoning! I know we're meant to be together and we always seem to work things out but this time I don't know what to do, I'm in middle of the no contact rule but I desperately want her back just have no idea how to go about it this time!

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Seems like she makes snap decisions rather than her discussing it with you in a mature and adult manner.


You say that YOU were doing all the work and she was not doing any? That's a major red flag dude. A relationship should be a two way thing and you should always be looking for what SHE does for YOU too. That statement makes it sound like you were more into her than she was into you and that you had to make all the running to keep the relationship alive.


I don't know what you said that upset her. Maybe you were clown here? Whatever, if there is any future in this you need let her come to you and do not accept her back so easily. Explain there are lines that if crossed you will not tolerate and dumping you is one such line - trust me man, I speak from painful experience as do many others on here. It is BS when you say you "know we're meant to be together". That is emotional BS dude. You are together by mutual respect, love and affection for each other. If any of those go missing any relationship will sink and it seems they have gone missing in your situation. You must not reach out to her under any circumstances, let her miss you and if she reaches out to you see if this is salvageable by a serious discussion where you tell her you will not tolerate her walking out on you again, that you are part of a team and you work together. Ignore all this "text your ex back in 30 days" BS" you'll see on the web, that is the weak position. Why on earth would you reach out to someone who has unilaterally dumped you? Have some self respect! She must come to you. I must say though, any relationship where one partner walks it is difficult to ever get to be the same trust and intimacy again. The trust and magic has gone.


Good luck.

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