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  1. If a person wants to come back to you, they will. In order for that to happen it takes time away from them and you not contacting them and them starting to miss you and value what you brought to the table. As Coach Lee says, it is common sense really. This can work. No money exchange needed.
  2. Dude, this happens to every guy now and then and a 39 year old woman should be mature enough to realise that. Do absolutely nothing from now on and let her each out to you. If you keeping chasing her you will drive her away for good.
  3. Do nothing. Let her chase you. And if she doesn't do that she isn't interested. Doing nothing is one of the hardest things to actually do.
  4. Letters ALWAYS make matters worse, not better. The letter is for you, to feel better yourself, not her. She does not want to hear from you. LET IT GO.
  5. Very rarely do people get back together again successfully. There was a reason for the break up in the first place. That is the experience of myself, all my friends both male and female and is also the general observation of nearly everyone on this forum. Rarely does it work out 2nd, 3rd (nth) time because the issues that drove you apart are still there; there was something fundamentally wrong or an incompatibility on outlook on life between you to drive you apart the first time. People who say "there wasn't anything wrong" are kidding themselves or are naive and not looking at their own s
  6. You can't plead to someone to be with you or to love you. It has to come from within them, they have to want to. And in this case he isn't doing that. There is a reason for that and the reason is simple; he isn't interested. I know that truth hurts but it is the truth and you have to see that fact. Let it go for your own sanity. I have been there and got this T-shirt.
  7. If he calls you it's because he wants sex and is on a slim patch at the moment and so reminisces about you and calls you. Don't fall for it. It'll be worse next time. I met one of these commitment-phobe women. It was terrible for me. Three times she did the curtain call on me. Never again. Wombatshadow is spot on with her last post.
  8. Hang in there Royalbanana. It will get better. Think this; she is not the one for you. How could she be if she treated you the way she did? Let her be someone else's problem. Your day in the sun will come again. You are addicted to an idealized notion of what your fantasy told you she would be. She is not that person - you need to see this fact dude. How could she be if she p1ssed all over your relationship?
  9. You seem to be hanging on to every glimmer of hope that this will work but you are deluding yourself, I am sorry to say. If he wanted to be with you he would call you. THat is the bottom line. When you first got together did you go through all these mind games? Of course not. His feelings were perfectly clear and he made them clear. Sorry to tell you these things so harshly as I know you are hurting, but the best thing you can do is go NC on him - as you have done - and CONTINUE with it. Have some self respect and see yourself as a person of value who will not tolerate this nonsense. I
  10. Start right now. Day 1. Now, not in two hours or tomorrow or next Wednesday. Right now.
  11. I am sorry how you are feeling but you finished with him. Remember that please. Actions have consequences and people and their feelings are not disposable like a Snickers wrapper. My exe did this to me. Three times she dumped me for no reason and then pleaded a few months after to get back together. I fell for it. Three times. She's now on my case again and I am in NC. Yes I miss her and loved her and we had great times. I was heartbroken when she ended it the third time. But it is over now, I am not going through another cycle of that nonsense and he probably feels the same. You ne
  12. Exactly the same happened to me last year and I am sorry you are going through this since I know how terribly painful it is. Just like you, I thought things were perfect, sex great, families got on etc, lots of love and affection, happy times, then she went emotionally distant and dumped me. Three times, for absolutely no apparent reason. There is either some other dude in the picture, maybe an ex of hers who is trying to get back with her and "confusing" her (and hence the multiple reconciliations she has had with you since she probably actually *does* like you or else she wouldn't reconcil
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^This. It's painful but once you acknowledge it you are well on the way to feeling better. Sorry for this you are going through, it is very upsetting.
  14. Dude you are in friend-zone. She does not want to let you go but does not want you romantically either. You are the backup guy, your whole thread screams of this.
  15. I appreciate you have a lot invested in her and a lot of memories. But it still comes back to the fact that she dumped you and made out with someone else, no matter for how short a period. You cannot gloss over that. Given what you have said I would meet up with her but play it very cool and let her do the talking and explaining.
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