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Just need to vent for my depression...

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Hi all,


You all know my story. I know everyone's been telling me to ditch my ex, and to a certain extent I have, treating more as a acquiantance then anything. The other night she asked me to her new apartment, I went. She still had pictures of us kissing and holding hands front and center on her dresser, which was weird. Anyways she keeps telling me she needs to be alone to figure herself out, not date, etc, etc...."that the whole point of this bill".


Anyways I ran into one of her friends and she mentioned the Sonia (my ex) met someone else and is going on a date with him next wednesday. I guess I don't care as much that she's dating as we've broken up. But I guess a part of me is just getting over the whole, "she dun like anymore" phase. But what's more hurtful to me is that next Wednesday, I'm going for open-heart surgery. A major surgery, more intense (i'm told) then just bypasses cuz they actually have to repair inside the heart. I guess I thought she actually cared in some form about me, but now i'm sure she doesn't.


Maybe I just need someone to give me the courage to tell her she disgusts me and that I never want to see her again. Or maybe i'm over-reacting?

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I don't think you're over-reacting persay.... I do think you're thinking about this way too much. I think all your friends truly want you to do is move on with your life and enjoy life a bit more. I suggest that you try not to think about the future (it's hard as hell I know) and live day to day trying to have the best time you can. I find the best way to do that is call up some friends and relax with them.

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Hi there,


You all know my story, no sense repostin it. About a week ago I finally told her I don't want to talk to her anymore, and broke off all contact with her. As a side note, for someone who's done all she's done to try and hurt me, when i went to her place to tell her this I found a few pictures of "us"...holding hands, huggin, kissin, etc...


Anyways, I found out that after her saying she needs to be alone she asks some guy out. She went out with him last night to the cultural Mosaic (essentially just drinking/partying), but what's really weird is she phoned me this morning asking if I was interested in going alone with her to this same Mosaic tonight (Friday) or tomorrow (Sat).


I'm just not sure what the hell is going on in her head. As for going out I just told her that I think I have plans for the weekend and that I'd get back to her. I'm not sure if this is just because she needs the company of guys, wants to go out as friends, or is trying to test me somehow. I think i'm just going to continue to ignore her, or until she comes out with truths and starts acting on them (ie. actions speak louder then words). Someone tell me I'm doin the right thing.

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why don't u talk to her...maybe she wan u to come cuz she wan to talk to you..wen ppl drink, they let everything out..maybe she wans ur attention..do u show a lot of affection to her? about her going to that place wit a guy cuz she need to talk to him about her problems (i'm not sure)..

seriously, i really don't know but..i suggest u to try to talk to her..and decided what u wan to do..


hope i helped

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i dunno what to tell you except be careful. i dont know the whole story, but from what you have just said. just be careful. she may just desperately want you back or maybe she is messing with your mind. some girls will do that. watch out when your around her. but you should really call her and ask her what is going on. it may help a little bit

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well, since u told her that you are buzy, continue on with ur plans. Even f you really didnt have any, dont just up and drop ur plans for her, just because she wants to spend time with you, or have you to treat her to a good time,...i dont know her motives, but its in her best interest and u gotta look out 4 urself and ur heart.


If she loves you, by you continuing on with ur plans, she will maybe come to her senses and realize that life goes on and you will not be at he becking call. Some girls try to prove to their friends that they can have her cake and eat it too...and have both of u guys spending ur money on her, and they not only get pleasured, a good time, spend no money, but also get the laff in the end, making some guys look foolish and whipped real good...


then sit back and say..."He aint goin nowhere."...Ive seen it happen to the most charming gentleman b4...


I cant say 4 shure this is the case, however stand firm in what you have told her, and maintain your boundaries. It makes u look like a confident and self assured man, that doesnt appear wishy washy with ur decisions...and u surely dont want her to think that you didnt have plans in the first place...



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