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Tell Her My Poem?

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Once I knew this girl I used to work with. Sometimes we used to socialise outside of work, but always as friends. However, I used to fancy her. I never told her, as I didn't want to complicate things at work, especially as I had future designs on moving back home, two hundred miles from where I was working.


I've now moved back, we're still friends on Facebook and we sometimes chat to each on it, and nothing more. As a past time I write poetry, and I'm very good at it. And as such I now send my stuff to competitions in order to win prizes. The most recent I sent five poems covering different subjects, one of which was about her. I've met many women in my life, who have left many impressions on me, but the girl I used to work with, I still regards as being the most beautiful woman I've ever met. I've met other girls who were pretty, but I think the girl I used to work with is still easily the best of the lot, and this was the centrepiece of my poem about her.


The question is, should I mention this to her? My intention was to see what the results of the competition would be, and if I win, and it gets published, I would tell her then. The poem doesn't mention her by name, so no one would make the connection, unless, of course, I tell them. But either way, I'm not sure. I don't expect anything from doing this except possible gratitude, but I'm asking for opinions on this subject.

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