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Pulling someone up on something - behaviour


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Just wondering what you guys thought


I feel like i only heard this guy when he wasnt doing anything mentioned in his txts he wasnt ever doing much or chilling or home bored so when he txt me late at night one time i replied saying bored are we? To which he responded no why? I then said because i feel like you only messaged me when ur bored....


He then said he had been busy at work and i had been feeling sorry for myself (because i was hungover) and i could of txt him i said dont be a and he said im telling the truth lol


I just didnt like the im feeling sorry for myself comment and said it was abit of a wanker comment and then he said when are we going out and i said never babe and i havent heard anything from him since and its been a week, we havent met in person yet....but normally i would of heard from him by now did i over react or i pulled him up on the truth and now hes like yea whatever now


Help pls

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You pulled him up on the truth. If he was interested, you'd not be feeling the need to pull him up on it.


The best thing you did was be upfront and tell him "never babe." If a guy wants to be with you in a serious manner (not just a sexual hook up) he's not going to say "when are we going out?" He's going to ask: "Can I take you out on Friday (or whatever) and then he will tell you where he wants to take you. The guys a flake. Don't waste another stroke typing to him. pffft.

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Yes... if he was interested in more then your woohoo he would have asked you out proper. He was hoping you were easy/naïve enough to just invite him over when he text you late at night.


Unless you're already in an established relationship with someone, I would start ignoring "late night texts" if I were you because those usually (more times then not anyway) mean they are looking for a booty call.


Stop talking to him and set your sights on someone who shows you REAL attentions instead of crumbs of texts that lead no where.


Good luck.

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